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Kickstart Compost Heat Recovery

Kickstart Compost Heat Recovery

Posted on October 12, 2012

Highfields has launched a kickstarter campaign to crowd-fund a Compost Heat Recovery Research System. This exciting project will develop new technology to yield a second value from the composting process -– renewable energy in the form of recovered heat. Your support will be an investment in renewable energy innovation that farmers in our communities can utilize. This is technology and innovation by the people and for the people. Click HERE to back this important project!

More info: The process of composting generates tremendous amount of heat, which results from the biological activity occurring during composting, primarily bacterial metabolism of organic Carbon. A big fat handful of active compost contains a bacterial population much greater than the human population on earth. Those little buggers are living large in an environment we create just for them and they are so abundant that they produce body heat that collectively generates temperatures of 140º-160º F over a period of several months.

We can harness that heat. Compost heat can be captured and transferred for heating water, greenhouses, barns, and other heat applications. But the technology is still very much in the early stages of development and we want to bring it much further along in order to popularize it and bring it to farms and other applications everywhere... maybe even your house. Learn more!