Sustainable economic development creates jobs that elevate the well-being of Vermonters, our communities, and the environment.

Sustainable economic development is inherently complex. Therefore, achieving significant quantitative and qualitative impact requires sustained, strategic coordination among government, nonprofit, and private sector stakeholders. The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund takes a network development approach to improving economic development in the sectors we serve (agriculture and food system, forest product, waste management, renewable energy, and environmental technology). We understand no one organization/business/government agency can fully address the economic, social, and environmental challenges within these sectors. Therefore, our economic development impact deeply relies on collaborative relationships with our partners, mission alignment with our funders, and the success in creating sustainable jobs by our clients.

We identify gaps and bottlenecks in business assistance, access to capital, and sector-specific value chains so Vermont businesses can take advantage of new market opportunities that create jobs, while also benefiting Vermont communities and the environment. At both industry and systems levels, our adaptive and action-oriented planning approach enables us to take the long-view in our work accelerating the sustainable development of Vermont’s economy. The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund uses Results-Based Accountability to measure process and success among its services and programs.

Since our establishment by the Vermont Legislature in 1995, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund has taken the long view—we examine emerging trends, markets, products, and industry level opportunities which could be relevant to Vermont and support the ‘early adopters’ in the sectors we serve. As we face the realities of climate change, we adapt our creative approaches in order to remain at the forefront of helping create the conditions for expanding market opportunities, which leads to sustainable jobs for Vermonters.

A sustainable job is more than just one that lasts for many years. We believe sustainable jobs are ones that pay at least a livable income, in a supportive work environment, at an organization that does not negatively impact the environment (or has a net positive impact), and one that makes products or offers services that are of value to society and meet real human needs.

Vermont Sustainable Development: Economic, Environment, Social Impact

Sustainability, by definition, is at the intersection of economic, social and environment interests. VSJF takes the same approach to market development opportunities – we look to the intersection of sectors to conduct market research, manage demonstration projects, and bring promising initiatives to scale.

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Expanding jobs and overall economic activity in Vermont’s farm and food sector, for the benefit of all Vermonters.

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Vermont forestry wood harvest sustainable results

Catalyzing new products and innovative approaches to rebuild Vermont’s forest products economy.

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Vermont waste management compost food bank anaerobic digesters

Supporting infrastructure development for diverting food for people, animals, soil and energy from landfills.

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Vermont solar energy renewable results climate change

Demonstrating potential for the local production for local use of renewable energy from agricultural and forest-based inputs.

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Vermont greentech cleantech environtech technology renewable energy

Promoting the integration and use of environmental technologies in order to convert our food, forest, and energy resources into a variety of products that meet human need.

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The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s economic development efforts in ag and food, forestry, and energy help strengthen these industries, each of which contribute important attributes to the Vermont brand, and support the State of Vermont’s Think Vermont economic development marketing efforts to encourage business growth and job creation for Vermonters.

Heather Pelham
Chief Marketing Office, State of Vermont

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund has maintained a proven track record in sustainable economic development since their establishment by the Vermont Legislature in 1995, as a result of VBSR’s public policy efforts. VSJF has since created public/private partnerships and business networks that are growing some of Vermont’s most iconic sectors of sustainable business, such as agriculture, forest products, and energy.

Jane Campbell
Executive Director, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund is an important asset and partner in Vermont’s economic development ecosystem. Providing a range of services from business assistance to sector-specific strategic planning, VSJF is a critical part of Vermont’s business and entrepreneurial efforts.

Michael Schirling
Secretary, Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

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