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Environmental technology broadly refers to environmental science and chemistry applications that monitor, shape, or conserve the ability for human and natural environments to thrive together. Envirotech, greentech, and cleantech are all industry terms associated with this economic sector.

At the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, we are beginning to lay the groundwork for impact in environmental technology as well as renewable energy through our collaboration with the Vermont Council on Rural Development to implement the Vermont Climate Economy Initiative that will build our national reputation, create jobs, and attract youth and entrepreneurs to Vermont.

Businesses in the environmental technology sector can also access our business assistance services.

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Vermont Climate Economy Initiative

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Indicators of Progress in Vermont

  • Vermont is home to a strong environmental technology business sector, supported by the Vermont Environmental Consortium, and increasing statewide collaboration among private sector, nonprofits, and government stakeholders is setting the stage for this sector’s economic, social, and environmental impact in Vermont.
  • Vermont is well-poised for economic development and job creation in the environmental technology sector as it intersects with other growing industries (e.g., renewable energy, waste management, and other industries interested in decreasing negative environmental impact while strengthening their bottom line).

VSJF Program and Service Results

In order to create jobs and accelerate economic development in the environmental technology sector, VSJF facilitates the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network for businesses whose products or services aim to develop climate change solutions. The network provides business-to-business collaboration opportunities so that these entrepreneurs and companies can collectively address climate change while creating the next generation of jobs for Vermonters.

VSJF manages Accel-VT—a business accelerator—which provides startup support, business planning, mentorship, and access to capital for entrepreneurs committed to climate economy innovation. Selected businesses work to solve a climate change presented challenge, while gaining industry expertise, access to growth capital, and membership to the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network.

VSJF offers business coaching and peer to peer advising services to help Vermont environmental technology companies grow their businesses and provide more jobs for Vermonters.

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