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DeltaClimeVT, a Vermont-based business accelerator

Launch your business modeled on the conviction that global challenges – such as climate change – are the raw material for transformative solutions, new market opportunities, and lasting value to your customer.

DeltaClimeVT (formerly Accel-VT) is a business accelerator which provides startup support, business planning, mentorship, and access to capital for climate economy entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing a business in Vermont. Startup or seed stage ventures from Vermont and around the U.S. are competitively selected to participate in intensive 12-week, world-class VIRAL™ accelerator curriculum, developed by Village Capital, designed to test assumptions, expose and remediate business vulnerabilities, prepare for significant investment, and provide a platform for rapid scale. Two $25,000 prizes are awarded to peer selected cohort members upon completion of the accelerator. Participants in the DeltaClimeVT cohorts gain on-going access to the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund’s network of experienced peers, mentors, and investors, and will be poised for accelerated growth within the climate innovation cluster of entrepreneurs in Vermont.

Learn more about how to apply for DeltaClimeVT—Vermont’s climate economy business accelerator at

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Learn more about how to apply for the DeltaClimeVT business accelerator.

Join the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network

Join the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network

The climate economy is comprised of businesses whose products and services aim to prepare for, mitigate against, or adapt to the impacts of climate change and include:

  • Renewable Energy and Distribution
  • Energy storage technology
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean Technology
  • Green Building
  • Sensor Technologies
  • Data Management
  • Resource Recycling
  • Clean Transportation

The resiliency of working lands businesses, as well as some segments of manufacturing, transportation planning, and community development, are also components of the climate economy.

Any Vermont businesses engaged in an economy that addresses the realities of climate change, as well as all DeltaClimeVT participants, are invited to join the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network to connect with other climate economy enterprises, explore opportunities for business-to-business collaboration, and tap into targeted expertise to grow your business in Vermont.

DeltaClimeVT and the Climate Economy Business Network are managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and are part of the Vermont Climate Economy Initiative—coordinated by the Vermont Council on Rural Development.

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