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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

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Make a Donation

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax deductible corporation, your contribution to the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund will be immediately put to work to support our market development work, grant making, and technical assistance programs. Contributions to the VSJF will help ensure that innovative Vermont growth companies in our agricultural, forest products and renewable energy sectors have the right match of capital to grow and stay in Vermont — creating quality jobs, preserving working landscapes, building healthy food systems, and ensuring a renewable energy future for all Vermonters.

You can make a gift to the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund in any of the following ways:

Mail your contribution to:

  • Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund
  • 3 Pitkin Court, Suite 301E
  • Montpelier, VT 05602

Have us contact you about a charitable contribution (cash, gifts of stock)

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Invest In the Fund

Put your money where your passion is…

If you are an accredited investor, why not consider investing in the Flexible Capital Fund where you can see your investment working to create healthy food systems, preserve working landscapes, grow renewable energy sources and create resilient communities.

In a time where credit is tight, global markets are in chaos, and we’re in bailout mode, there still lies great opportunity. There is a strong case for the benefits of “going local” in our investments, and our food and energy consumption. Investors have a great opportunity to play a critical role in catalyzing the growth of some of the fastest growing markets in Vermont – natural resources and renewable energy.

At the VSJF, we are seeing a shift in investor demand - a new appetite for investments that provide financial returns, and achieve social and environmental benefit, often within newly defined risk-return paradigms. So after 13 years of successful grant making and technical assistance, the VSJF create the next generation of cutting edge tools for market building. In an exciting new initiative, the VSJF is seeking investment capital to create Vermont’s first near equity fund that will strategically deploy flexible risk capital to growth companies in Vermont’s green economy.

Vermont is home to many innovative growth companies in the natural resource and green economy sectors that have strong growth plans, positive cash flow and add value to the Vermont economy by providing quality jobs, innovative products or services and non-financial returns to the community. With the right kind of capital, technical assistance and support, these are the companies that can help move Vermont and the region closer towards energy independence, healthy food systems and stronger communities.

Investing in the Fund can provide investors with a fair financial return and the ability to see, touch, and feel how their investments are growing the companies of Vermont’s future.

To learn more about the unique, value-added proposition we offer grant funders, accredited investors and portfolio companies, contact Janice St. Onge, Fund Manager, at or (802) 828-0398.

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Become an Advisor

VSJF offers many ways to get involved in the mission of growing Vermont’s green economy – as a Peer to Peer Collaborative Advisor, a portfolio company mentor, or through volunteering your technical expertise to the Jobs Fund or portfolio companies. Not only will you be helping a fellow entrepreneur, but you may actually learn something yourself!

We are selective in who we work with, looking for advisors and mentors that match the skills and expertise needed of our companies, as well as those who have a demonstrated passion for our mission and work. If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved, contact us at or (802) 828-0398.

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