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The Vermont Climate Economy Initiative aims to confront climate change through innovative economic development that will build national reputation, create jobs, and attract youth and entrepreneurism to Vermont.

The Vermont Climate Economy Initiative is being coordinated by the Vermont Council on Rural Development with collaborative support from the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and other organizations throughout Vermont committed to rural economic development. Climate economy enterprises include those working on distributed/renewable energy, green building, sensor technologies, data management, and resource recycling. The resiliency of some working lands businesses, as well as some segments of manufacturing, transportation planning, and community development are also components of the climate economy.

The Vermont Climate Economy Initiative is comprised of the following programs and efforts managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and the Vermont Council on Rural Development:

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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

The Vermont Climate Economy Business Network

The Vermont Climate Economy Business Network is building a sense of community, creating opportunities to explore business-to-business collaboration, and providing targeted expertise to develop and grow Vermont businesses whose products and services aim to prepare for, mitigate against, or adapt to the impacts of climate change.

As a convener, host, matchmaker, facilitator, and strategic planner, VSJF brings entrepreneurs together to share ideas, get guidance from technical and financial experts, interact with market leaders and potential customers, explore joint efforts, and generally shape a common agenda for a growing economy that addresses the realities of climate change here in Vermont. Regular meet-ups and other networking and professional development events are designed to build relationships, trust and collaboration among Vermont climate economy sector businesses, and offer ongoing support in an effort to increase the likelihood of success. Our network development approach supports the Vermont Council on Rural Development’s efforts to build on Vermont’s national reputation to attract and retain entrepreneurs committed to addressing climate change while creating the next generation of jobs for Vermonters.


DeltaClimeVT (formerly Accel-VT) is a business accelerator which provides startup support, business planning, mentorship, and access to capital for climate economy businesses who are interested in establishing a business in Vermont. DeltaClimeVT sparks accelerated business growth in order to support the expanding cluster of entrepreneurs committed to climate economy innovation in Vermont. Startup or seed stage ventures from Vermont and around the U.S. are invited to apply for the climate economy business accelerator.

Participants are guided through the world-class accelerator curriculum, developed by ecosVC, designed to test assumptions, expose and remediate business vulnerabilities, prepare for significant investment, and provide a platform for rapid scale. Industry expertise, a network of established climate economy enterprises, and access to growth capital are available to all DeltaClimeVT participants.

Vermont Council on Rural Development

Model Climate Economy Communities Program
The Vermont Council on Rural Development has partnered with Green Mountain Power, Efficiency Vermont and other organizations to help communities develop, fund, and implement plans for state-of-the-art rural development that reduce carbon, increase affordability and self-sufficiency and grow local jobs. The lessons learned will be documented and shared to enable climate economy progress in other communities.

Vermont Climate Economy Partnership
The Vermont Climate Economy Partnership is comprised of Vermonters that have committed to support the climate economy initiative. The Vermont Council on Rural Development is leading this grassroots network to advance climate economy development through education, advocacy and, when appropriate, lobbying to advance key strategies of promoting comprehensive energy efficiency; encouraging climate economy entrepreneurship; advancing codes, regulations and incentives; building clean energy finance collaboration; and promoting carbon pricing in ways that will spur positive economic development.

Vermont Climate Economy Action Team
Founded and managed by the Vermont Council on Rural Development, the Action Team is comprised of private sector and nonprofit Vermont leaders (including Ellen Kahler, Executive Director of the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund) dedicated to advancing initiatives to expand distributed energy generation and efficiency in Vermont, cultivate climate economy entrepreneurs and startup businesses, and reduce Vermont’s carbon impact while boosting economic development, creating jobs, and attracting youth and creative entrepreneurs to the state.

The Vermont Climate Economy Action Team identified the need for the Vermont Climate Economy Business Network, and DeltaClimeVT, both managed by the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund.

The Climate Economy Business Network and DeltaClimeVT are supported by VLITE, the Jane’s Trust Foundation, the Sustainable Future Fund, and numerous sponsors.

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