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Tap into the knowledge of experienced CEO level entrepreneurs and consultants who have walked in your shoes and can help your growth stage business through critical growth and transition periods.

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The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund offers peer to peer advising to growth stage businesses in value-added food and agricultural, forest related, renewable energy, waste management, and environmental/clean technology enterprises.

Vermont entrepreneurs have a natural tendency towards self-sufficiency that can lead to decision making in a vacuum or the feeling that no one understands what they are going through. We offer a platform where entrepreneurs can talk frankly about tough issues and think strategically about the direction of their business.

  • VSJF’s peer to peer advising services offer growing companies access to a confidential, supportive team of experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders who can share lessons learned (often the hard way).
  • Our peer advisors’ primary motivation for working with clients is to “give something back”, since they too were recipients of trusted advise over the course of their entrepreneurial career.
  • Clients will be better prepared for building a stronger operational structure, improving profitability, developing a permanent advisory board, and supporting livable incomes for their employees after working with our peer advisors.
  • VSJF assembles a team of three CEO level executives with demonstrated entrepreneurial track records to serve as peer advisors to CEO/founders and their management teams operating with at least $1million in revenue.
  • Peer advisors offer an outside perspective and help clients problem solve around complex strategic issues and leadership challenges faced by growth stage businesses at the executive level, over a 12-18 month period.

Thanks to the generous support of a grant through the Vermont Department of Economic Development’s Vermont Training Program, we are able to competitively price this service, allowing us to provide top quality advisory services at below market rates to help companies stay and grow in Vermont.

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