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Farm to Plate Strategic Plan

Farm to Plate Strategic Plan

In the past 10 years, a growing movement in sustainable agriculture—involving increased local food production and consumption, value-added processing, and diversified farms—has taken off. During the 2009 legislative session, two member-based public policy organizations, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and Rural Vermont, crafted and helped win legislative approval for the creation of a Farm to Plate Investment Program (F2P). It was approved by the Senate and House in May 2009 and signed by Governor Douglas, as Sec. 35. 10 V.S.A. chapter 15A § 330. The legislation tasked the VSJF, in consultation with the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council, with crafting a strategic plan based on a broad scope of work.

The primary goals of the legislation are to:

  1. Increase economic development in Vermont’s food and farm sector.
  2. Create jobs in the food and farm economy.
  3. Improve access to healthy local foods.

Updates from Farm to Plate

Read the latest issue of the Farm to Plate e-newsletter, or browse archived issues.

The e-newsletter provides updates about the F2P strategic planning process and implementation of the plan throughout the state. F2P e-news updates also include food system job openings and training opportunities, events, resources, and much more! Email traffic is minimal, you'll never get more than one per month. Sign up today!

The Vermont Food System Atlas is now the permanent home of all Farm to Plate Strategic Plan documents and resources:

Vermont Food System Atlas logo

  • On the homepage you can find stories, tweets and videos from many food system organizations, job listings, news and announcements, and events.
  • Click on “The Plan” to access all sections of the Strategic Plan, download and collect stories, links, reports and publications, data, and all images created by VSJF.
  • Click on “Getting to 2020” to access all Farm to Plate goals, download data, view progress on strategies and actions being advanced by the Farm to Plate Network and individual Network members, and explore additional indicators and cross references.
  • Click on “The Network” to explore Working Group, Cross-cutting Team, and Task Force activities, and find group members, news, announcements, and meetings and events. Network members can log in to access documents and communicate with other Network members.
  • Click on “The Atlas” to search Vermont’s food system by people and places, region, keyword, and food system categories.

Farm to Plate 2012 Annual Report

F2P Implementation DiagramThe second annual report on progress made by the Farm to Plate Investment Program was presented to the Vermont legislature. This report provides a snapshot of some of the progress that was made in 2012 by farms, food enterprises, and nonprofit organizations that are working to strengthen our food system.  

We have continued to see steady job growth in the farm and food sector.  In fact, from 2007 (the last year of the Census of Agriculture) to the second quarter of 2012 (the latest available data from the Vermont Department of Labor) total food system jobs increased 1%, from 57,209 to 57,858, while total private sector jobs decreased 2.4% from 364,903 to 355,990. During this time period, food system jobs increased from 15.7% of all private sector jobs to 16.25% of all private sector jobs.

2012 Farm to Plate Annual Report (PDF, 7MB)
2011 Farm to Plate Annual Report (PDF, 6MB)
2010 Farm to Plate Annual Report was the Executive Summary of the Plan
2009 Interim Report 
(PDF, 1.2MB)