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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund


Farm to Plate Initiative

Farm to Plate Initiative

The Vermont Food System Atlas is now the permanent home of all Farm to Plate Initiative documents and resources:

On the homepage you can find stories, tweets, and videos from many food system organizations, job listings, news and announcements, and events.

You can peruse all sections of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan, download pdfs, and collect stories, links, reports and publications, data, and all images created by VSJF.

You can join the Farm to Plate Network and explore Working Group, Cross-cutting Team, and Task Force activities, and find group members, news, announcements, and meetings and events. Network members can log in to access documents and communicate with other Network members.

You can review the 25 Goals of the Farm to Plate Strategic Plan and see big picture food system trends and data visualizations.

You can also search The Atlas to find people and businesses in Vermont's food system.