Accelerating the Development of Vermont's Green Economy

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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund


Grass & Biomass Energy

Grass & Biomass Energy

The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund teamed up with the UVM Plant & Soil Science Department, and the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) to form the Vermont Grass Energy Partnership in an effort to explore the potential for grass energy in Vermont. This partnership, along with other public and private sector collaborators, is working to identify challenges in the bioenergy supply chain (from field to end energy use), and develop possible solutions to those challenges.

Through the Vermont Bioenergy Initiative, VSJF has provided early-stage funding by means of grants and contracts, as well as technical assistance services to assess the viability of grass energy and bulk delivery of wood pellets as heating solutions for Vermont.

The overall goals of VBI are to help Vermont farms, homes, and businesses reduce fossil fuel consumption, support job growth and the rural economy through renewable bioenergy production, and to help the state prepare for and mitigate the effects of peak oil and climate change. With Vermont's pastures, working landscape, and transitioning dairy industry — grass energy has the potential to provide economic opportunities for Vermont farmers and entrepreneurs to help meet a portion of our local energy needs.

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