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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Grantee: Nava Bio-Energy

Grantee: Nava Bio-Energy

Nava Bio-Energy: Commercial Processing

Grantee: Winston Sadoo 
Location: Brookfield, Vermont; Orange County

Project Description: Nava Bio-Energy Ltd., located in Brookfield Vermont, is a small-commercial processor of vegetable oil-based biodiesel. Utilizing the transesterification process, the plant has a production capacity of 400 gallons per day from equipment designed by the founder and president, Winston Sadoo and built by the company’s engineering technician Richard Small. The business is on its way to producing biodiesel that meets or exceeds the ASTM D6751 standard, using as feedstock, oils extracted from locally grown crops and used vegetable oil. Currently, Nava supplies off-road and agricultural users in Vermont including farms, construction businesses and others using the biodiesel instead of, or in addition to petrodiesel or No.2 heating oil.

Also, working in close association with Vermont Technical College, the plant serves as an off-campus educational site and practical training facility for students engaged in the college’s Sustainable Fuels Program.

Nava Bio-Energy was awarded $45,000 to:

  1. Make improvements to the company’s processing technology
  2. Maximize production throughput with the introduction of a clarifier centrifuge, high shear mixer and a separation centrifuge.

Further Information: Winston Sadoo, (802) 728-4392.