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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Grantee: Vermont Builds Greener

Grantee: Vermont Builds Greener

The construction and maintenance of our built environment consumes land, resources, and energy, in addition to generating wastes. “Green building” is a rapidly expanding alternative to common building practices that optimizes resource and energy use.  With its emphasis on renewable materials, green building not only reduces a building’s environmental footprint, it is also better for the built environment, by reducing energy costs and emphasizing quality construction, and the human environment, by using building materials low in toxicity to reduce potential harmful health effects .

The Vermont Builds Greener (VBG) Program, an initiative of Building for Social Responsibility, certifies that residential buildings are constructed to sustainable criteria. The group approached VSJF in 1998 for initial funding to build a residential green 'score card'—Vermont Builds Greener—to help builders get a clearer picture of what green housing could be. The program promotes the construction of homes that are healthy, durable, and have a reduced impact on the immediate environment and the global resources that support our built environment.

The VBG program has won so much acclaim that elements of it were recently combined with the new national program, LEED for Homes, developed by the US Green Building Council.

“VSJF had faith that Builders for Social Responsibility could successfully develop the VT Builds Greener standard and was really the only funder to step up and make a significant contribution. We would not have even gotten off the ground except for the VSJF.”

- Richard Faesy, VBG project participant

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