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Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

Grantee: UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture


Vern GrubingerIn April 2006, the VSJF awarded $98,000 to the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture from funds secured by Senator Leahy from the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct an on-farm oilseed production and feasibility study.  Administered by former Center Director, Vern Grubinger (pictured with John Williamson), the study was conducted in conjunction with John Williamson from State Line Farm (Shaftsbury), Clear Brook Farm (Shaftsbury) and Borderview Farm (Alburgh). 

The On-Farm Seed Oil Study was a research and development project designed to understand the production of oilseeds in Vermont’s cold climate. The purpose of the project was to help detail the costs and benefits for farmers interested in increasing their energy security using their own resources.


The two components for the oilseed study included:


  • Conduct seed crop trials in Vermont farm fields to compare performance of several promising species and cultivars of non-GMO oil and sugar producing crops that can be used, among other uses, for on-farm energy in Vermont’s cold climate
  • Document the costs and returns for producing oil from seed on the farm, and determine the feasibility for replication of seed oil production elsewhere

Click to read the On-Farm Seed Oil Study final report (4.7 Mb).


The On-Farm Seed Oil Study is part of a more expansive effort by UVM, the VBA and VSJF to establish the economics for biodiesel production in various settings in the state. See the Homegrown Feed, Food, and Fuel Project for more information.

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