The Vermont Forest Products Program at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund seeks photography proposals to update the library of images and video clips that effectively tell the story of the people, places and products that represent the state’s healthy and sustainable forests and their economic and cultural value to Vermont.



The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing the sustainable development of Vermont’s economy. We provide business assistance, network development, research and financing in agriculture and food system, forest product, waste management, renewable energy, and environmental technology sectors. The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund was created by the Vermont Legislature in 1995 to partner with state government, private sector businesses, and non-profits to build a thriving economic, social, and ecological future for Vermont.


The Vermont Forest Products Industry is in need of an updated library of images and video clips that effectively tell the story of the people, places and products that represent the state’s healthy and sustainable forests and their economic and cultural value to Vermont. This Project is intended to capture people who work in the forest products industry, highlight images or video of the industry in action and showcase the new face of forestry and forest products as well as the innovative and creative products and services provided by the industry.


Goal: Create a library of images and video clips that represent all of the varied people and businesses throughout Vermont’s forest and wood products supply chains. These images or video clips will be used by VSJF and its industry partners to tell the stories of the people and businesses behind Vermont’s forest and wood products industry.

Approach: The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund has developed a communication plan to begin building the industry’s reputation in the state and the region. The approach will include a steady stream of good news, combined with targeted, multi-channel outreach to Vermont’s most influential businesses, institutions and consumer-facing entities that will result in more consumers making connections to Vermont-made wood products and the people and businesses responsible for bringing us our healthy and productive forests.

The selected photographer will work with VSJF’s Forest Program Director and Communications Director to capture images and short video clips that align with the stories developed within the communications plan.

The Project will capture the seasonality of the forest products industry, i.e. logging jobs in winter and summer. Photos or video should include the entire value chain from landowner to end user, and emphasize people, and when appropriate, the generational nature of many forest products businesses, i.e. father-son teams; husband-wife teams, etc. They should also highlight the economic benefits that rural communities around Vermont get from hosting a saw mill, pellet factory or furniture manufacturing facility, or other forest products businesses. The images or video should inherently tell a positive story that reminds viewers of Vermont’s rich history of forest products businesses and their value to Vermont in the form of useful products as well as ecosystem services (i.e. clean water, carbon sinks) provided well-managed forests. Images or video should be accompanied by caption information that can be used to set the context (i.e. an image of a freshly cut logging site may look bleak without a caption explaining the site was cut to create habitat for endangered forest birds).

Where possible, images or video should highlight diversity within the forest products industry, particularly by age and gender. All wood products in images or video must be made in Vermont; where possible, products made in Vermont should come from wood sourced from Vermont forests.

The selected photographer will work with VSJF’s Forest Program Director and Communications Director to capture photos and video that can be used with the earned, owned and paid media efforts within the communications plan. Images and video will be owned by VSJF and shared with industry partners for their promotional use.


  1. Photo and/or video shoots of representative forest and wood products businesses along the supply chain: The photographer will work with VSJF Forest Products Program Director to identify and schedule photo and/or video shoots with selected businesses, as assigned;
  2. Promote industry activities: The photographer will be asked to attend select industry events or activities and photograph or take video of people and activities that reflect a positive momentum within the industry.
  3. Other Photography or Short Video Assignments As Needed: The photographer may be asked to take photos or video clips of events or stories that come up as opportunities.


  • RFP must include name and title of photographer, as well as resume or background/experience of photographer that demonstrates knowledge and expertise in photography and video, with an emphasis on portraits, landscapes and indoor manufacturing photography;
  • Photography must be high resolution to be used for high quality printing or digital distribution. Video should be of high enough quality for use primarily on social media (i.e. short interview snippets, short clips of relevant action or scenery, etc.)
  • Photographer must be available for the duration of the contract and have a flexible schedule to be able to take on assignments that come up quickly;
  • Please include a 1-page cover letter explaining why you would be a good fit for this project;
  • Please include any constraints or barriers you may face in taking on this project.


This will be a 6-month assignment, with a fee determined based on background and experience of photographer selected.


VSJF staff will evaluate the proposals and determine the necessity for oral interviews.  VSJF reserves the right to make a selection solely based on the written proposals.

The evaluation criteria that will be used in the selection process are as follows:

  • Thoroughness of the proposal in addressing the scope of work,
  • Clarity of the proposal,
  • Understanding of the project goals,
  • Experience/past performance,
  • Proposed work plan,
  • Price


Questions due from vendors                                                      Wednesday, February 7

Answers to Questions sent to all vendors                               Thursday, February 8

Proposals due                                                                                Friday, February 9

Notification of Finalists                                                               Monday, February 12

Interview of Finalists (if necessary)                                          Tuesday, February 13

Notice to Proceed                                                                        Wednesday, February 14

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Christine McGowan, Forest Program Director, Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund